Your college consultant helps you ...

Make a Strategic plan

Getting into college is more competitive than ever. As your college consultants, we will teach you what colleges value and consider when making decisions. With an individualized strategic plan and a vision for high school and college, you will be successful.

Find the right colleges

Where should you put time and effort? What are the odds of getting in? We can increase your chances of admission as your college consultants. We will help you put together a list of colleges that is right for you. Each student is different and will thrive in the right college.

Tell Your Story & Stand Out

You have unique talents, interests and qualities.  We will help you identify your best and most interesting self and present yourself in a way that stands out.  Standing out will help you get in.

Write a Stellar application & essays

The college application process is lengthy and requires hard work and strategy. This is where self-discovery, strategy, vision and correct choice of colleges come together. We will help you with every step, so your application and essays show the colleges who you are and why they should offer you admission.

Choose How to apply

Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision? As your college consultants, we will explain all the options and help you decide the best path for your success.

Make your Standardized test plan

The SATs and ACT are considered by many schools.  We make recommendations on how to prep, when to take the exams and how many times. Not a good test taker? We will help you find schools that don't require these exams.  Your testing plan should be part of your overall strategy.

Avoid stress with A Schedule

High school students are busy and stressed. The applications are a lot of work, require careful thought and need to be outstanding and meticulous.  

As your college consultants, we will help you get it all done with a schedule, while reducing stress.

Prepare for Interviews with a College consultant

Interviews can help your chances of admission, and help demonstrate interest in the college. Learn interview skills, and how to answer common interview questions.

Decisions and waitlist / deferral strategies

'Wait list' does not mean just sit around and wait!  If you really want a college, we can teach you strategies that can help you get in.

The Big Decision

The fun part is choosing between your college acceptances! But which one is right?  We help guide you to the best-fit choice for a top education and the best experience.  

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